How to own a bounce house for sale?

If using a bounce house rental service is not what you desire, and you'd prefer to own your own bouncer, there are several options available. Naturally, you can also find a rental bounce house for sale at a price.

How to own a bounce house?

To own the same models that are used by the bounce house rental companies, they will cost you upwards of $1,500. However, there are smaller castle bouncers and moonwalkers that you can own for around $300. They are not suitable for large crowds of children but may be adequate for smaller gatherings and for younger children.

Also, a newer bounce house called the Blast Zone Magic Castle Bounce House which is good for children from 3 - 8 years of age. It is larger than the original Blast Zone castle bounce house and can withstand about three children. It comes with a slide as well as the bounce house castle. It can be set up outdoors or inside if you have a large indoor space. It comes with a blower.

So, why should you own a bounce house?

Bounce house brings life to a party. Whether you are considering an outdoor play option or the indoor one, a bounce house will fit everywhere. Here are some tips on how you can use your bounce house as fun purpose-

1)    An adult, from outside the bounce house, can start a game that the children may continue. For example, a style of bounce may be called out. Perhaps an animal or types of movement like how a robot might jump or how a bouncing car or motorcycle might bounce. The bouncing style should then match the type of bounce called out. Perhaps it will be an animal for younger children a kangaroo or a rabbit or a frog or even the action of bouncing like a fire engine or airplane. Every few minutes, the style of bounce is called out, and the action changes.

2)    There can also be games that prohibit laughter. The first to laugh is out.

3)    Balls and balloons can be added to inflatable bounce houses, and children can pop them, toss them, and even throw them at each other since they are light and harmless.

4)    There are variations on the tag that can be crazy inside a house of bounce. Trying to tag another bouncer could result in hilarious tumbles and pileups.

5)    Adults can suggest variations of the game ‘freeze’ also known as the red-light green light or other simple games that will depend on the bouncers’ ages.

With various types of bouncing games, parents need to look for the comfort and safety of their children while they are playing inside the bounce house.